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[WATCH] Future’s New Video For “Mask Off” Is Anarchy In The Streets

Shiksa Goddess May 5, 2017 June 6th, 2017

“Percocet, Molly, Percocet” These are the defining words of early May 2017. But what do they mean?

For those that don’t know, percocet is an opioid that is prescribed for people experiencing severe pain. It’s also often abused and considered a gateway to heroin use. Molly is a purer synthesized MDMA, once more commonly known as Ecstasy. Future is bragging about his drug use and calling out some of the most popular options. (DISCLAIMER: People die from this shit. More everyday. Don’t do it. Please.)

This song’s been blowing up for about a month now…I personally hear it everywhere I go, particularly blasting out of cars & shops in New York City as well as being quoted by strangers passing me by. It was only a matter of time before a video came out…VIOLA!

Y’all have seen The Purge, right? What about Mad Max? I admittedly have seen neither, but I know what they’re about and I’m pretty sure one or both are the big influence for this video.

The city’s in ruins! Mass hysteria…Cars burning, snakes in the streets and people are looting like mad. Future’s better than that, he’s riding around in a fresh ass car with none other than Amber Rose. She’s got a dangerous looking necklace/mask on that could kill either of them if gets jostled the right way. And, by g*d they’re risking it by getting all cozy in the front seat. I worry for them. Future’s mask is a fabric print of his face…I’m not sure what the symbolism means, but I’m with it.

Watch this video. Listen to this song. Not just cuz it’s good but because you gotta get privy on the big trends in order to be popular. Didn’t you know that? You didn’t know that? Explains why you’re not popular. I’m just messin around I wish I was you.