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Man Dresses As Batman To Take Down The Clowns!

Wyatt Otero October 13, 2016 October 13th, 2016

If you haven’t heard by now, there’s a clown thing going on this year. Some might even call it, a clown epidemic. They’ve been spotted everywhere: Wisconsin, South Carolina, Kentucky, New Jersey, Ohio, Arizona and even London.

Now while the U.S. might rely on the boys in blue to round up the Creepies, the U.K. has a different approach:


Thats rights, its for real, a man in Whitehaven is donning the cape of the Dark Knight to patrol the streets in search of the fiendish-fools (or just some assholes trying to scare kids.) But the truth is that people are taking this clown thing really seriously, and are welcoming any help they can get.

In a quote from the police:

“We are currently assessing a small number of reported ‘Killer Clown’ incidents in London, three of which meet the threshold of a criminal offense. Our primary responsibility is identifying and investigating those incidents where a criminal offense has occurred. However, anti-social behavior can leave people feeling scared, anxious, and intimidated and I would urge those who are causing fear and alarm to carefully consider the impact their actions have on others.”

But Batman is for the children. Which to be honest – if you were kid who witnessed a terrifying clown, only to look left and see Batman reassuring you that you’re safe – is pretty damn great.

Looks like the streets are safe, once again:

And that’s what its all about.

Source: Uproxx