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MAKING A MURDERER’s Brendan Dassey Finally Freed After Conviction Overturned

Katie Cannon November 16, 2016 November 16th, 2016

Nearly 10 years after being convicted along with his uncle Stephen Avery for the rape & murder of 25-year-old photographer Teresa Halbach, Brendan Dassey’s release from prison has been order following the reversal of his conviction in August.

Netflix’s docu-drama MAKING A MURDERER, which followed Stephen Avery’s 18-year wrongful imprisonment, exoneration, and subsequent murder accusations, sparked outrage at the gross mishandling and manipulation of cases and the corruption of the justice system at large. The second crime for which Avery was convicted, the rape and murder of Teresa Halbach, framed Avery’s teenage nephew Dassey as his accomplice.

Although a 16-year-old Dassey did admit to the crimes while under interrogation, it was revealed that the detectives on the case manipulated the teenager with promises of leniency if he confessed, telling him they already knew what happened and feeding┬áhim leading clues on how to implicate himself in the crime. Given Dassey’s age, low IQ, and lack of a “supportive adult,” he was especially vulnerable to exploitation by the police.

The initial appeal that eventually secured Dassey’s┬árelease was first filed in January 2016, with the judge ruling in favor of Dassey’s exoneration in August. The state has appealed this decision, but until the appeal, Dassey has been ordered released from prison.

The release stipulates that Dassey must not leave the court district of Eastern Wisconsin, that he cannot possess weapons or a passport, and cannot contact members of the Avery or Halbach families.


Let’s hope Dassey is finally free from the absurd injustice that stole 10 years of life.

Via Buzzfeed, People