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Lucasfilms Suing Jedi Training Schools

Wyatt Otero October 20, 2016 October 20th, 2016

Everyone knows the force can’t be learned or acquired. The force is from within, you are born with it in your blood, your soul, your…I dunno, they didn’t explain it that well.

But you can’t teach it, Lucasfilms has made that clear (in the form of legal documents.)

The company, who was bought by Disney in 2012, is suing two different schools that specialize in teaching Lightsaber choreography. New York Jedi School, which claims to have “the best light saber choreo classes anywhere on the East Coast,” and the Lightsaber Academy, a San Francisco based enterprise that offers certification for individuals aiming to be a “Lightsaber Instructor.”

According to Disney, apparently, they aren’t the real thing.

The schools claim that they tried to get approval from the company, but were denied. Which makes me think maybe my understanding of the law is off, because coming forward and saying “I asked permission, but they said no” seems like the worst defense ever.

But in any case, FoxNews says “Lucasfilm is seeking an injunction stopping the defendants from using the marks, orders to destroy all infringing materials, a transfer of the allegedly offending URLs to Lucasfilm and a withdrawal of all related trademark applications. The company is also demanding up to $2 million in statutory damages for each trademark that was infringed upon.”

That’s rough. Maybe this is being taken a little far, because at the end of the day these people aren’t profiting from stealing George’s ideas, they’re profiting from the fact that the franchise has become a cultural institution, to the point that many of us forget that the very idea of a lightsaber isn’t technically public domain.

And then there’s also the fact that Disney has their own Jedi School. 

We all knew Disney didn’t buy Lucasfilms just to make more movies, they also want the right to redesign the brand, the merchandise, the spin-offs, and sell it to America all over again.

With all their recent acquisitions, it can start to feel like Disney doesn’t just want our childhoods in their pockets, they want our entire culture.

Source: FoxNews