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Loud Neighbors Serve Up A Hilarious Challenge In Response To Aggressive Note From Downstairs

Katie Cannon December 5, 2016 December 6th, 2016

Forget passive-aggressive neighbor notes–the college kids just took their apartment complex beef to the next level.

It’s game time.

After what I assume were torturous months of typical upstairs neighbor antics (stomping, pounding, and presumably, hosting father-daughter three-legged races or some shit in the wee hours of the morning), college freshman/twitter user @morgxmarie decided to air out her grievances with the rowdy guys above by writing what was, perhaps, an unnecessarily venomous letter.

“Why are you so loud after 9 PM everyday? Are you fucking sumo wrestlers, or do you possibly have lead fucking feet?” she asked, requesting that they “calm the fuck down.”

She added a post-script saying they’d be interested in buying tickets to the “2 AM basketball games” they seemed to be holding upstairs.

Clearly, there was a lot of rage there. Shit was pretty real. And then the boys upstairs escalated the rivalry by making her snark a reality.

They responded with not just a retaliatory note, but with full-on PRINTED TICKETS TO THE AFOREMENTIONED SARCASTIC  2 AM BASKETBALL GAME.

“It’s Game Time,” the note said. “Last night was just practice.” Attached were three extremely legit-looking tickets to a game held at their apartment. The tickets pitted the “2nd Floor Bitches” against the “3rd Floor Lead Foot Assholes,” offering sweet court-side couch and chair seating.

Morgxmarie tweeted the tix along with the caption “I think I accidentally started a war with guy who live above us.”

And thus, I can only assume, begins the first act of a raunchy rom-com wherein Morg and the ringleader of the noisy neighbors will engage in battle of the sexes rife with sexual tension and zippy one-liners. And that’s something I’d like tickets to.


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