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Lena Dunham in hot water after tweeting support for friend accused of sexual assault

Maximilliano Onofre November 20, 2017 November 20th, 2017

Lena Dunham has come out in support of Murray Miller- writer and producer for HBO’s “Girls”- after he was accused of sexual assault.

Miller was recently accused publicly by actress Aurora Perrineau in a statement obtained by TheWrap. The actress accused Miller of raping her in 2012 when he was 35 and Perrineau was only 17. In her statement, Perrineau said she had already filed a report with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department on November 17, 2017.

TheWrap acquired the results of her polygraph test, which Perrineau passed, where she recounted the incident.

Matthew Walerstein, Miller’s attorney, said that Miller “categorically and vehemently denies” the claims that Perrineau has made. Walerstein also said that his legal team has gathered “overwhelming evidence directly contradicting [the] false and offensive claims.”

Now Dunham, a self-proclaimed feminist, is being slammed for supporting Miller. Dunham, a friend of Miller’s, wrote a tweet late Friday night where she made her opinion known.


Dunham is being criticized for a what is being called a hypocritical tweet. Acting against her feminist ideals, she is choosing to ignore a victim’s allegations because they are aimed at her friend. In a tweet that is not aging very well, Dunham voiced a very different perspective on sexual assault accusations, saying women don’t lie about rape.


Lena has previously stood on the side of the accusers. She has also stated her support for the victims of the many allegations in Hollywood recently. Asia Argento, wrote back to Dunham via Twitter, surprised at her stance.

Neither Dunham nor her representatives have commented on Duham’s tweet.