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Kristen Bell Skewers The Gender Wage Gap In This Hilarious Short

Katie Cannon February 16, 2016 February 23rd, 2017

Everybody loves Kristen Bell. Seriously. Name one person who doesn’t think she’s great. And then we can burn them in effigy, or tag them in unflattering pictures on Instagram or something.

Anyway, Bell’s basically America’s Sweetheart–except not, because if you think about it that’s v. patronizing term and this bitch is not about to be patronized by the goddamn patriarchy. Case in point: this satirical ad, “Pinksourcing,” in which Bell goes ham on the injustice and ignorance that fuel the gender wage gap.

The short, the first episode in a HUFFINGTON POST series titled “Celebs Have Issues,” sees Bell urging corporations to stop outsourcing cheap labor from overseas and take advantage of America’s very own fount of an underpaid workforce: women!

Her argument’s persuasive: you only have to pay women 77 cents for every dollar that you’d have to pay a man–and that number’s even lower for women of color. Blech.

And all those stereotypes that have been perpetuating female oppression for centuries? They’re actually qualities of a great employee! Women always remember birthdays and bring in celebratory baked goods–and when they get knocked up (because you wouldn’t cover their birth control in the insurance plan), you can just fire them!

What a world.

Source: AV Club