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KFC Releases VR Game To Teach You to Fry Chicken And It’s Literally So Scary

Miri Malek August 31, 2017 September 19th, 2017

KFC is jumping on the VR bandwagon and using the fun, new technology to train its employees. What’s cooler than slipping on an oculus rift for some virtual training on your first day of work? Time to fire up the digital fry station!

KFC Victorian Room VR

So you slip on the goggles, and you’re in an old-fashioned, Victorian-looking room, with wood panels, red curtains, and even a gramophone. The voice of a dusty old man (aka the Colonel himself) starts narrating your journey–

“Tell me, you like games? Welcome to my game…”

Well, that’s ominous.

“Until you learn how to make my chicken right, you won’t be allowed to leave!”

He’s going to teach you how to fry some chicken. The hard way.

Colonel Sanders vs Jigsaw

Turns out what the folks at KFC made to train new employees is just plain terrifying. It looks like Colonel Sanders teamed up with the directors of the Saw movies. Throw a little BioShock in the mix for good measure.

Next, the fry station pops up from somewhere beneath the floorboards. The Colonel had a plan for you all along.

And where’s the chicken? It drops down on you from the ceiling, of course! Is this what working the back in KFC is actually like?

KFC VR chicken drop

Now you have to inspect those hunks of raw bird flesh while the Colonel wheezes encouragement to you.

After washing those delicious pieces, the Colonel has his robot assist your “supple human hands” in breading that there chicken.

KFC VR Fry station

The actual frying part might me the scariest experience in the whole game. A steaming, smoking metal machine fries the chicken while the robot claps, the lights flicker, the clocks go cuckoo, and Colonel Sanders groans to climax. Make it stop already! But you continue on– after all, you’re not allowed to leave until you fry that chicken.

You’re not through the door yet. You have to feed that golden knocker shaped like Sanders’ face a piece of fried chicken first!

And finally, freedom! And what does freedom look like in the game? A bleak, florescent lit KFC breakroom. The real freedom comes when you get to take of those goggles. Unfortunately, you still find yourself in a bleak, florescent lit KFC break room. Except this one isn’t virtual– you’re in the real world now. Training complete.