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JR Smith Shows The Power of Friendship: Forgoes Defense For Hugs

Audrey O'Brien November 30, 2016 November 30th, 2016

JR Smith is known as a bit of a crazy NBA player. He’s a sort of Charlie Kelly wildcard, if you would.

He does insane stuff on the court that half the time don’t work at all and the other half leave you scratching your head wondering how he managed to pull that off.

In a game where his defending champs Cavaliers played the Bucks, he did the most JR Smith thing JR Smith could do. During an inbounds play with Smith on defense, he walked out of bounds to give a hug to Bucks veteran Jason Terry. Let me repeat in you missed it the first time this was during the play. This immediately lead to an incredibly easy basket for the Bucks.

After the little mishap, he couldn’t face the post-game press conference. He came out decked in a ski mask claiming it was he ‘alter ego.’ Don’t worry, when pressed as to WTF happened during his embarrassing gaffe he kept up with the aesthetic he cultivated. He gave some weird answers, claiming both that he wasn’t paying attention and that ““I didn’t even know I was in the game. My bad.”

(Also, not to be harsh on Dave McMenamin, but it couldn’t both be JR Smith and his alter ego. C’mon.)

This is definitely classic JR Smith behavior, and in regards to entertainment, he never lets his fans down.

via The Guardian