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Japan Releases Cough-Syrup Flavored Kit Kats

Miri Malek August 30, 2017 September 19th, 2017

A new flavor of kit-kat is hitting the candy aisle in Japan. They’re known for the innovative flavors and exquisite cuisine, so we got excited! After all, we’re all adults here and we still consider candy it’s own food group. Our shining eyes and smiling faces fell when we saw the flavor: Cough syrup.

Why would you do this candy, Japanese Division of Kit Kat and Néstle Incorporated, All Rights Reserved?? They have an answer: It’ll give the the candy “fresh and invigorating flavor.” In their press release, they show us the great new features of this flavor: “Throat candy powder 2.1% Refreshing taste of use.”

Technically, the mix involves white chocolate (which isn’t really chocolate at all), but that doesn’t really make the case for breaking the sacredness of the Kit Kat formula. So why’d they do this?

The flavor is being released to help soccer fans who will be streaming into Japan next year for the 2018 world cup. How will it help? The cough medicine Kit Kat soothe their aching throats from cheering so loud, and help them cheer louder for their team.

This flavor abomination isn’t unprecedented in wild world of Japan’s Kit Kat experiments. Here’s a few other flavors that could be disgusting or delicious, but overall are probably just plain weird.


There is literally no way this can be good. Unless– the crunchy middle could be like clam chowder and crackers?

Edamame (Raw Soybean)

Edamame KitKat

We don’t even know what this would taste like. It sure makes edamame easier to eat, though.

Petit Cheese

Petit Cheese KitKat

Just the name itself is enticing.

Purple Potato Pudding

Ube KitKat

We’re not sure what this but it looks like a purple poop emoji, and no amount of floral design on the package will hide that fact.