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Is The Heavenly Treat Known As Nutella A Dessert Topping or Spread?

Audrey O'Brien November 7, 2016 November 7th, 2016

FDA vs Nutella: Smackdown.

The U.S. government and Nutella’s Italian parent company, Ferrero, are locked in a tight battle over whether the delicious chocolate hazelnut stuff is a dessert topping that can also function as a spread, or a spread that is sometimes used with dessert.

For 23 years, Nutella has been classified by the FDA as a dessert topping. Ferrero is making the argument that it should be a spread, which would cut the ‘commonly consumed portion’ on the label from 2 to 1 tablespoons, lowering all the stats like that pesky calorie count that no one should look at. Ferrero claims that people eat it similar to honey or jam, and if it cannot fall into the ‘spread’ category, then the FDA should start a new category for nut- and cocoa-based spreads.

They have some facts to back their argument up: in a 2012 survery of 722 Nutella customers, Ferrero found the overwhelming majority, 74%, ate Nutella with bread.

Ferrero is wrong though, as they found only 6% of consumers ate Nutella on its own. However, based on my inclusive survey of me, myself, and I, Nutella is most often consumed right out of the jar via spoon. Don’t know why they haven’t taken that fact into account.

Ok, but let’s be real. That shit is spreadable dessert. I didn’t eat three Nutella crepes a day while I was in Paris thinking ‘Gee, this is def the equivalent of having three pieces of toast with jam, what a light snack!’ No. I was thinking ‘Damn this is worth every but of the 2 million calories I’m gaining.’

The FDA’s public commeting period is open until early January 2017 though, if you wish to speak your piece.


via NPR