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It’s Buffy, Live! An Improvized BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Comedy Show Is A Thing That Exists

Katie Cannon November 14, 2016 November 15th, 2016

I didn’t realize I wanted it. But now that I know it’s a thing, I need it–and I need it now.

The Scooby gang may have said goodbye to the network airwaves over 10 years ago, but if BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER taught us anything it’s that love never dies. Sometimes people do, but then we just resurrect them, right? Anyway. Die-hard Buffy fans like me will relive the slayage til kingdom come in whatever medium available–via Netflix, fanfiction, podcasts, you name it. And now we’ve got a new way to feed our vintage Whedon addiction: an Buffy-based improv show.

It’s an amazing trend in improv recently, spontaneously recreating the spirit of a beloved pop culture or high culture icon–improv Shakespeare! Improv SEINFELD! As such, Boston improv group Buffyprov regularly creates full-on witty Hellmouth adventures out of thin air–or rather, a shouted suggestion.

Into every generation an improv show is born. Welcome to Sunnydale, a lovely town with its own portal straight to hell. Join Buffy, everyone’s favorite cheerleader turned vampire slayer, as she battles the forces of evil alongside her trusty team: Willow, the witch who wore cat sweaters way before any hipster, Xander, a permanent resident of the friendzone, and Giles, an older british gentleman who hangs out with teenagers in graveyards. Together they will conquer hoards of the undead and cope with the problems of teenage life. So throw on your leather duster, sharpen your stakes and prepare to be slayed… with comedy!

The next show is next Saturday, November 19th, at ImprovBoston in Cambridge, MA.

Unfortunately for non-New Englanders, the Buffyprov only exists in Boston, for now. But God and Joss-willing, other improv-ers will take up the slaying mantle and bring the Hellmouth to your hometown.

Come to NYC, pretty please?

Via The Boston Calendar