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IKEA Makes Weird but Chill ASMR Video and It’s the Most IKEA Thing Ever

Miri Malek August 25, 2017 August 25th, 2017

A trip to IKEA is a full-fledged sensory experience. You have light, touch, hushed sounds, and even taste– their inhouse meatballs are a favorite. So it only makes sense that they’ve released an ASMR* video, a youtube trend known for using light, touch, and hushed sounds to make you tingle. In their new ad, they capitalize on the most relaxing, and sensual, aspects of their housing goods. It’s the most IKEA thing ever.

Appropriately, they call it ‘Oddly IKEA.” It’s 25 minutes and worth every single second. 25 minutes and 43 seconds of soft-speaking, fabric-stroking, and lamp-clicking goodness. Expect sweet pastels, soft grays, and a ton of textures. Here’s a breakdown of the highlights.


When we’re told to “listen to the sound of the sheets”

When they starts giving the comforter a deep-tissue massage

The sensual macro shots

Here we’re told to ‘listen to the fibers’ inside of the duvet

Oh.. and they spent 10 minutes making the bed

“Listen to that wonderful material”

We love when they compare IKEA brand clothes hangers to “a wind chime on a light breezy day”

Like— what?


And who knew shelving could be so fun!


We actually got chills when she started stroking the laptop…

That’s not weird– is that weird?

Watch the video yourself and see if you get the tingles too!

*ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, and people use the acronym to talk about the tingles that are caused by certain sounds and visual triggers. These “head orgasms” are a euphoric sensation that starts on your head and goes down you back– and there are hundreds of “ASMR artists” on youtube that make videos to help you feel it. We know you think it’s sexual but it’s not really supposed to be, according to the ASMR enthusiasts.