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If Ross Geller and the FRIENDS Gang Had Instagram

Katie Cannon September 29, 2016 September 30th, 2016

If FRIENDS were set in current day NYC, you know that the Central Perk crew would be all over that social media game–and every post, try as they might to project their best selves, would inevitably end up with #nofilter.

In this bizarro alternate universe, Monica would supplement her chef’s income with a trendy cuisine Insta account, gaining mad followers with picturesque food porn and healthy recipes. Chandler’s feed would be nothing but existential memes. Rachel’d reblog tons of fashion shit and religiously update with her #OOTD and iconic hair selfies. Meanwhile, Phoebs would obviously run a quirky novelty account à la tasteofstreep–something involving photoshop, cats, neo-spiritualism and conspiracy theories. (She’d also have quite a few disappointed followers who thought she was her porn star twin Ursula). Joey wouldn’t really know how the whole social media gig works, but would accidentally gain a passionate female fanbase with his affectionate #tbt posts of him posing with chicks, ducks, or deli meat. He’d inevitably get his account deleted for mistakenly uploading his dick pic collection.

And then there’s Ross.

The brilliant minds over at Cosmopolitan have created an imaginary Instagram account for thrice-divorced dino enthusiast Ross Geller, and it’s scarily in-character.

Check it out:


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Source: Cosmopolitan