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Idris Elba Wants To Be Your Valentine–For Charity Purposes

Katie Cannon January 12, 2017 January 13th, 2017

Goddamn it, Idris. Must you continue to ruin me for the rest of the male race? How am I supposed to soldier on through endless Tinder dates when I know that you exist–and that by giving to charity I could actually win some face time with this sex God among men?

The British actor that brought you fictional badasses like Luther and Stringer Bell is showing his softer side: a side that wants to help educate disadvantaged girls and take you out for a steak dinner. Star-studded fundraiser Omaze is back at it again, this time enlisting Elba as an incentive to donate to W.E Can Lead, a charity “committed to ensuring young girls receive the educational opportunity, leadership development and mentoring support necessary to become the new generation of female leaders across the continent of Africa.”

Donating to the cause puts your name in the ring for a one-on-one (or two-on-one, if you’d like to bring a guest) dinner date with Elba in some exotic locale, complete with free flight and four-star lodging. Seem too good to be true? Get the pitch from Elba himself, who even promises to let you “pound his yams”:

Shut up and take my money, charity. Get more details here.

Via AV Club