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ICYMI: An Asteroid Almost Killed Us All

Audrey O'Brien October 31, 2016 November 1st, 2016

Happy Halloween! We all almost died.

That’s right, add ‘the earth gets destroyed by a giant meteor’ to your list of anxieties, because Armageddon¬†isn’t just a Bruce Willis movie with stunning commentary by Ben Affleck anymore.

Sunday night, while you were out at costume parties and I was sound asleep in bed because I am 90 years old, a giant space rock came very closer to hitting our little planet. Astronomers apparently knew it was going to miss because of “science” or whatever. Okay.

NASA is now perfecting their computer program called Scout, currently being tested at their Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Scout is a “celestial intruder alert system,” that scans information from telescopes to detect what are called ‘Near Earth Objects.’

I would like to point out that we wouldn’t necessarily know NASA’s predictions¬†are wrong until an asteroid has killed us all. So.

Astronomer Ed Lu is the CEO of a company called B612, which is devoted to dealing with potential asteroid threats (can we all just acknowledge this sounds like a fake organization from a bad movie? Because I definitely Googled it to make sure it was real). His prediction?

“I believe in the next 10 to 15 years we’ll actually be at the point where we as humans can say, ‘Hey, we’re safe from this danger of large asteroids hitting the Earth,’ “

So just 15 more years until I can sleep at night. COOL.

via NPR