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IBM’s WATSON Edits A Trailer For Upcoming A.I. Film

Wyatt Otero October 18, 2016 October 18th, 2016

Machines are built to make our lives easier. To alleviate the busy work that would otherwise take up our time, slow our progress, and thereby stump our innovation. But what happens when those same machines, are harnessed for creative function?

20Th Century FOX is paying to find out.

IMB’s Watson (the machine from that famous jeopardy game) has taken Fox’s upcoming film “Morgan” – a film about A.I. – and cut together an official trailer that’s being used for the ad campaign. It isn’t the first time a machine has been involved in cinema (who can forget the short film starring Thomas Middleditch written by a machine.) But it is the first time a major Hollywood studio has been involved, and that’s a big deal.

Check out this video that includes both the trailer itself, and some background information:

So Watson can learn.

The machine ran through the film, looking for emotionally and visually engaging scenes, then it searched the internet for similar trailers of films from similar genres in order to gain a reference point. From there, it applied its new knowledge to pick 10 scenes in which to cut a trailer (only one of which, wasn’t used.)

The process by which Watson filtered out scenes it felt wasn’t relevant, slowly narrowing it down to the most important/key aspects to highlight, is super important. Studios are constantly on a time crunch to cut trailers, and usually require dozens of versions before the finals are decided upon. This means that while having a robot do all the work might not result in the best edit, its ability to quickly scrub a film for key scenes could save literally hours and hours of human labor.

As for the film itself, it sorta just looks like someone applied a Hollywood plot-line to last years incredible “Ex Machina.


Source: No Film School