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Homestretch: MURS Live Record Breaking 26 Hour Rap Sesh

Wyatt Otero October 13, 2016 October 13th, 2016

Los Angeles rapper MURS (formerly in the group Living Legends) is currently attempting a Guinness World Record breaking 24+ continuos rap session.

At the time of this writing, he is 22 hours deep. 

He’s calling it #BarsForDays, and its part of the Boost Mobile’s Where You At series in L.A. In order to achieve the feat, he has been spitting a mix of original content and hip-hop classics, only sparing a small 5 minute break each hour.

Although the feat was originally thought it up to be part of Boost Mobile’s event. Murs says that for him, its something more personal. Rolling Stone reports in an interview with the artist:

Lil’ Yachty made his statement about not having to know older songs. And then setting this record became more about me paying tribute to the music I grew up on. And using this platform to maybe even expose someone younger or unaware to the classics,” Murs says of the teenage rapper who admittedly couldn’t name five songs by Tupac or Biggie Smalls.

Murs has been going since yesterday, but apparently staying up isn’t a problem. “I love rapping just a little more than video games. And combining my own compositions with songs I love by other artists should keep me amped up enough. If not, there’s coffee and coffee.”

It may not be changing the world, but if it’s inspiring the younger generations to explore hip-hop’s roots, then the event it definitely benefitting the future of the genre.

Follow, and live tweet the event using #barsfordays

Source: Rolling Stone