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Here’s The Word Each of the Fifty States Just Can’t Spell

Katie Cannon December 7, 2016 December 20th, 2016


Google just released an infographic showing us the word that stumps each state, based on the largest number of “how to spell” google searches. While one could argue that main talking point here seems to be  “wow, the letter u is so weird,” I think this data could actually be the launching point for some in-depth state-by-state psychological analysis.

Of course, the graphic’s largely comprised of the usual spelling suspects–asshole words like “pneumonia” and “vacuum” and “definitely.” As for the rest: some are very telling about that state’s priorities, while others make for a delightful mystery.

Why are so many people trying to spell “giraffe” West Virginia? Or “croissant” in some New England state that I can’t identify because I suck at geography? Has Ohio never listened to Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl?” Does Hawaii face a lot of confusion come prom season?


Here’s the graphic:

What can’t your state spell?


Via AV Club