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Here’s Some Inspiration From ‘Transparent’ Creator Jill Soloway To Get You Through the Week

Miri Malek October 3, 2017 October 3rd, 2017

Why is it that some weeks feel longer than others? And it’s never the fun weeks that do. Right now is when school is getting back into full swing, and work is bouncing back from those leisurely summer days. It’s these days that we need a little pep talk to keep us going through the week. We’ve gone and combed the radical interviews of director, screenwriter, comedian, and human, Jill Soloway, who is best known for their hilarious, heart-wrenching, and life-affirming original TV shows like Transparent and I Love Dick. We’ve styled this list of affirmations and wake-up calls like it’s life advice from your own mom–it’s cliche, but it still rings true. That is, if your mom was a 2-time Emmy winning gender non-binary badass of a human.


Be unapologetic about being a difficult person

Soloway has been passed up on for a lot of good work because of their reputation as a difficult person to work with– including a writing gig on Glee, back when they really needed it. Is Soloway sorry about it? “I probably was a little bit difficult, actually. If I was on somebody else’s show and I felt something could be better, it would be hard for me not to stand up. Sounds like a no. 


Don’t be ashamed of who you are and what you want

Soloway’s got a lot to say about shame– and how it’s gotta go in order to make a grasp for power. “As women, people of color and queer people begin to say, “Well, you know, I want to write and I want to direct and I want to tell my story,” first they’re fighting against mountains and mountains of shame simply being able to put the words “I am” next to each other — “I want,” next to each other. 


It’s never too late to start finding the real YOU

It took Soloway until the “tender age of 50” to realize they weren’t living their best life. They’ve since come out as non-binary and are more confident than ever in their body and in their creativity. “Something for me about a non-binary identity and identifying as queer is allowing me to be more at home with my ideas and my mind.


Find creative ways to talk about your feelings

So you don’t do this.

Jill has a really cool way of starting the day right on the set: “We start our day with this thing called ‘box’ where we talk about our feelings for half an hour…being connected and talking about how we are. That allows the crew to prioritize emotions and feelings and gratitude instead of speed. Actually, we work so much faster for the rest of the day because we all have felt something together. 


“Love yourself”

“I have this feeling of ‘I’m in trouble, I did something wrong, I have to. Another TV show, hurry, another revolution. We’re gonna fix this and change the world.’ But what I think I really want to do is start to tell the story of being OK with myself and trying to love myself.