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A Harry Potter Symphony & Screening Series Is Coming To Toronto

Katie Cannon November 10, 2016 November 10th, 2016

Canadian Muggles and music lovers, unite and rejoice! So you’ll never actually go to Hogwarts, but Toronto’s got the next best thing: a Harry Potter orchestra concert/film screening combo.

The Toronto Symphony Orchestra will perform the scores to the beloved Harry Potter movies alongside the films themselves in a feature-length event at the Sony Theatre.That rush of breathless joy you feel anytime you hear Hedwig’s Theme? Imagine experiencing that tear-jerking crescendo LIVE, while watching the action play out on the big screen. Other orchestras have, of course, done Harry Potter concerts before, stirring magical nostalgia of  in the hearts their high-brow attendees; but playing the songs in conjuction with the actual movies? That is new, and bloody brilliant.

It’s like staying in to watch ABC Family’s Harry Potter weekend and  going out to do fancy cultural things–all rolled into one magical, musical night.

The first concert, for HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER’S STONE, will take place next summer, on June 27; the second, for THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS, is nearly a whole year away–October 12, 2017.

Toronto’s not that far, even without Floo Powder. Who’s with me?


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