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Some Madman Catalogued Every Spell Used In The Harry Potter Books So You Don’t Have To

Katie Cannon October 13, 2016 November 21st, 2016

Time to take your Hogwarts obsession to new and terrifying levels, Potterheads: some stats genius with way too much time (or too much brain?) on their hands has gifted us with the ultimate mathematical compendium of spell usage in the Potter books.

The infographic from American super-fan and possible Squib Skyler Johnson offers a visual interpretation of “every spell muttered, flicked, and yelled in the Harry Potter book universe,” organized by which books the spell appeared in (and how far in), how often they were said, and under what circumstances. And it’s interactive! Hover over any given dot and there you have it: a direct passage from its usage in the book. You can also change the settings to arrange the spells by different variables–Number of Occurrences or Order of Appearance.

Knowledge is power. Data is magic. As someone whose Harry Potter bar trivia score never seems to reflect the true Ravenclaw within, this infographic is a goddamned Merlinsend. (Like godsend? Get it? Idk okay get off my wand.)

Check it out:

In the top five are several of the more elementary, everyday dealios–Accio, Lumos, the usual suspects. You’ve also got a few of the big boys hanging out in the top five, the stuff of genuine heroics: Expecto Patronum, Harry’s trusty Expelliarmus. Then you’ve got the Dark Magic shit surprisingly high up, which as Mashable points out, really hits on just how high-stakes and evil things got in the last few books.

Which spell would you whip out on the reg?

Via E! Online, Mashable