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This Guy Makes Art on Dirty Car Windows

Miri Malek June 7, 2017 June 7th, 2017

They call him the Davinci of Dust, the Michelangelo of Mud. His name is Scott Wade, and he likes to call himself the Dirty Car Artist.

When some people see the dirty car, they think “clean me.” Or maybe, they’ll draw some poorly rendered genitalia on the rear view window. Scott Wade saw dirty cars everywhere as a kid, and what he saw was a canvas. He used his finger for many years, until one day he was chewing the end of a wooden popsicle stick and was struck with inspiration. He took the frayed end of stick out of his mouth, turned it around, and used it as a paintbrush. The rest is history.

The man will do anything for his art

His work spans portraiture, commercial advertisement, landscapes, and replicas of famous artworks. He has the eyes of an old master, the heart of Bob Ross, and your uncle’s sense of humor (calling his paintings a collection of “dirty pictures”).

He’s acquired a lot of skill since the days of using popsicle sticks. Now his tools include a set of professional paintbrushes. Because he can’t find enough dirty car windows to work his magic on, he has to use the dirt blaster to add layers of grime to his canvas.

His work has gained local and international popularity over the years, appearing in publications like Maxim and Ripley’s Believe It or Not, as well as dozens of international newscasts. This proves that good art is a universal language.

Scott Wade is an artist for the people, and his work isn’t just cool looking, it’s got meaning too. “It challenges our perceptions of beauty,” he says in a video interview. It’s also a smart way to get art to the public, since he calls cars “mobile art galleries.” At least, until they hit the car wash. Scroll on for some more of his work.