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Grandma Writes Funniest Neighbor Note To Bong-Smoking Hose Theives

Selin Kilic October 28, 2016 October 28th, 2016

Stealing anything from anyone is never something I would condone, but pinching a garden hose to help spark that pinch of weed might actually be the funniest news story covered that I’ve heard of.

This week on Central Sydney’s news local featured a front page appropriately titled ‘Get Off The Grass’ covering a Sydney, Australia grandmother who has been finding it hard to get her gardening done. Apparently, after noticing that bits of her garden hose had been disappearing she approached her son about the mystery. He explained that some people in the neighborhood might be using the hose for recreational purposes *cough* for use with their bongs *cough*.


“I wouldn’t mind if they just took a bit off the end, but they cut it right in the middle,” she explained. I have to admit, that’s a pretty discourteous way to treat this apparently very tolerant lady – although I’m sure knocking and asking wouldn’t be the typical approach, theses dopes could at LEAST leave her with as much hose as possible.


Tired of trips to the hardware store, this savvy grandma came up with a compromise that as she told the newspaper “I thought it might bring a little shame to them, to stop pinching my hose like that, but it was also a bit of a joke, too, I suppose.”

So what did the note actually say and what was the actual peace (piece?) offering?

“Please don’t chop my hose again. Help yourself to this bit for your bong.”


This lovely human went on to tell the paper, “I think in this day and age tolerance is a necessary component, isn’t it? We all have to live with each other and if we can ease it a little, so much the better.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.


Source: Mashable