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GoPro + Bow & Arrow = Awesome Video

Wyatt Otero November 21, 2016 November 21st, 2016

You think of it, and chances are, the internet has already attached a GoPro to it.

This time, well known YouTubers Sam and Niko (from Corridor Digital) got in on the first-person fun when one of their fans sent in a massive box of NERF toys. Of said toys, was a pretty rad bow & arrow (NERF gets cooler every time you turn around) which brought about the titular epiphany of the video, attach a GoPro to the end of an arrow and let it fly!

Beyond the obvious, one of the best parts of the video is how it shows every step of the process, which for some, could be a pretty great guide to DIY props as well as crazy camera set-ups and image-stabilization.

So for all the potential YouTube filmmakers out there, keep your eyes peeled!

So, camera on spinning arrow is cool.

But when you apply some easy but effective stabilization techniques (which may have took some key-framing and therefor some time) you end up with something a lot more special.

You have to admit, that’s one trippy first-person view that you never knew you’d want to experience.

Source: NoFilmSchool