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Girls Are Going Wild To Put Glitter On Their Butts For This Summer Instagram Trend

Miri Malek August 30, 2017 September 19th, 2017

With the glitter/human crossover, we already thought we saw it all with glitter beards, which reached peak season during pride this year. Folks are still trying to wash that one off. But glitter is still going strong– or should we say, Butt Glitter, since the hashtag #glitterbooty’s been going viral. They call it the herpes of the arts & crafts world but that didn’t stop glitter butts from becoming a viral instacraze.

Makeup artist and photographer Mia Kennington is a professional and glitterup (makeup times glitter), doing up looks for festivals. She got inspired to bring the sparkles that usually stick to other parts of the body down to the butt when she was hanging with her crew of bikini clad collaborators. Sand was sticking to everyone’s butts and suddenly–with a flash of insight– she saw it. Sand and glitter switched places, and the Glitter Booty was born.

Here’s some of the shiniest, silliest, and sexiest #glitterbooty looks.

She’s in the desert but that’s not sand on her butt.

They start getting creative with shapes and graphics, and the glitter booty has become an art form.

That’s some pretty glitter on a pretty booty!

One last time: #glitterbooty ✨

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Work it!

Tutorial sesh!

The things I do for the #FHFshow fans… #GlitterBooty

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This one is more blinding than the eclipse.

Glitter booty knows no gender!

Compilation video!

Some may call the trend silly, or worse, just plain stupid, but IMO it doesn’t matter at all. These people are looking so fab and seem to be having a lot of fun. Since glitter literally never completely washes off, we’re guessing the glitter booty is going to stick around for a while.