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Gin Filled Baubles Are Here To Save Christmas

Selin Kilic November 14, 2016 November 14th, 2016

The Christmas holiday is all magic, and wonder, and laughter, and kindness, and…family (which also reads: please give me booze to get through this).

For people who feel as I do, the Edinburgh-based distillery Pickering’s Gin has THE ornament that you need to be gifted (whether you’ve been naughty of nice).

The hand crafted bright baubles each hold 50 ml of Gin and can only be bought in a 6-pack (£30.00 or $37.55).

You can now scream in the name of holiday joy and with the spirit of gin! Together we can make santa’s trip down the chimney (i.e. my trip into the living room for stocking stuffing) a bit more worthwhile.

Okay, so bad news: these are already sold out, like as in they sold out in a grand total of one hour. The good news: prospective buyers can sign up on to be a “Ginfriend” and receive email notifications on when the next batch of baubles becomes available for order (expected announcement in early December).

I guess this is expected when only 30,000 of the baubles have been produced – good stuff for 2017 though, as the distillery is expected to produce 300,000 for next year’s holidays!

Pickering’s notes on its website, “please don’t leave them where children or animals can reach them, whether on your Christmas tree or elsewhere.”…yeah right, as if I could become the favorite aunt WITHOUT sneaking the my younger family members booze.

With the teenagers as an exception, I do decorate responsibly, because what kind of monster wastes good liquor?

Although, I honestly can’t wait to trick my family members into drinking the ‘holy’ water.

Well I’m certainly ready to add some instant cheer to my tree!

Source: Mashable