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Get Ready to be Amazed With Alexandre Chapelin's “Starry Sea”

Selin Kilic February 22, 2016 February 23rd, 2017

(Insert Morgan Freeman Narration) There are two sources of constant wonder for human beings: The sky and the sea. These mysterious giants have been a constant source of inspiration to writers, filmmakers and even architects. Although surrounded by both, they remain largely unexplored, and therein lies the intrigue.

Alexandre Chapelin, after over a year of research and technical tests, has created a table bringing this obsession home with “Starry sea”, and it’s f**king fantastic.


The table gives consumers the stars and the sea in one piece of artwork:


Drawing inspiration from the Caribbean Sea – where the materials are locally sourced – it morphs at night, showcasing different starry skies and creating a stunning display.


The table’s battery charges in 6 hours and illuminates for up to 300 hours. “Starry night” can be controlled via remote or smartphone app, using wifi to light up the table, and your senses. Want to purchase one of these bad boys and forever be the envy of all your guests? Shoot Chapelin an email at

To really solidify your furniture infatuation, check out more of his drool-worthy work on Instagram.

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