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Get Married At Cinderella’s Castle After Hours In An Actual Private Ceremony

Katie Cannon October 13, 2016 October 13th, 2016

Getting married at Cinderella’s castle: it’s what dreams and Disney movies (and secret Pinterest boards) are made of. Cindy’s hawt palace pad in the Magic Kingdom theme park at Disney World has been available as obscenely expensive wedding venue since April, but with one fairly humungous drawback: the hordes of strange children.

Until now, the Cinderella wedding package was only available for morning ceremonies–when the park was open to the public. And since you don’t actually get wed inside the castle but instead out in front of it, inevitably, your fairy tale nuptials were gonna get gate-crashed by several thousand extra uninvited guests tryna photobomb your wedding pics.

And for truly crazed Disney fans, that may have been worth it. But now–cue the trumpets and harps and spontaneous singing–Disney’s offering the option to have your princess-worthy wedding at night, after the park has closed. All the perks of the original package, including riding up to your prince in a pumpkin carriage, but sans the random fanny-packed strangers and their (charming) spawn.

Per the Disney Weddings website, the Magic Kingdom After Hours wedding accommodates up to 300 people. And after saying your vows, you can party at Fantasy Land for your reception.  Now that’s a happily ever after I can get behind.

Or I could, if I had a spare $75k lying around. And, you know. A fiancé.

Via E! Online