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FRAGGLE ROCK Makes A Triumphant, Remastered Return to HBO

Katie Cannon October 11, 2016 October 11th, 2016

Remember FRAGGLE ROCK? Basically it was THE MUPPETS, but somehow infinitely weirder. For one thing, it (sort of) involved ~parallel universes,~ not to mention cogent kid-friendly metaphors  and groovy musical numbers. Like, THE MUPPETS meets SESAME STREET meets DINOSAURS, because caves? Anyway: it was awesome. The series ran on HBO from 1983 to 1987 (with a short-lived animated reboot in the ’90s)–but it lives on in the collective Gen X consciousness forever.  With the 30th anniversary of the show’s final new episode fast approaching, the premium cable network’s decided to bring the classic back to their subscribers next year–many of whom are not only the perfect age to reminisce on the show’s strange puppet antics, but have also just popped out a bunch of their own kiddos now reaching peak Fraggle demographic. The series has been available on Amazon and Hulu for a while, but this is the first time we’ll see the show fully remastered in HD.

Per Nerdist, Jim Henson’s ’80s outing offers compelling insight on “how different cultures work together to form a society,” with its depictions of disparate species (human, Fraggle, Doozer, and Gorgs) all inhabiting the same alternate universe. Inverse also points out that while most of show was goofy fun and games, lines like “I guess some slavery feels like freedom,” unearthed some of the show’s on deeper themes.  So it may make for a interesting rewatch. But let’s admit it: we’re mostly here for theme song.

Fucking iconic. Will you tune in for FRAGGLE ROCK’s return?

Via Nerdist