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Flavor Flav Defends His Honor: Says He Wasn’t Kicked In The Face By Hannibal Buress

Wyatt Otero October 6, 2016 October 6th, 2016

Another week means another visit to the Eric Andre Show, and another celebrity trying desperately to recover from the experience.

The latest attempt to set the Eric Andre record straight comes from Flavor Flav, who on last week’s episode got a roundhouse kick to the face courtesy of co-host Hannibal Buress. The problem can be foreseen immediately, as Flav rolls onto the set way more comfortable than most guests, throwing his coat over the back of the chair and plopping down like its no biggie. Those who frequent the show are already bracing themselves, for no human in the presence of Eric should ever let down their guard to that extent. Flav however, clearly doesn’t realize this.

As things go downhill fast, with a couple dick-grab-distractions and a nice cold naked bath for Eric, Flav soon understands that he almost certainly made a mistake coming on the show (and it can probably be presumed that another publicist is in trouble.) Then finally, near the end of the interview, Hannibal makes a sudden turn and fires a roundhouse kick right to Flavor Flav’s face. Ironically, its the kick (and not the dick) thats causing all the controversy. Check it out below:

Flav took to Facebook on Tuesday to let everyone know that he is indeed tough, and would never let anyone kick his clock-wearing face. What is interesting though, is that he acts like the kick took place when he wasn’t even in the room, saying it “NEVER HAPPENED!” But if you look closely what actually seems to be happening, is that the kick came close to his face but stopped before actually hitting him. This caused Flav to swing his head to the side to avoid the impact, making it look like the kick actually landed when viewed from that angle.

On the other hand, no one from the show seems to be disputing what Flav said happened. Although they might just be letting him blow off some steam, seeing as how he’s sort of just making the whole incident way more popular by publicly cursing out anyone who brings it up. 

If you’re just showing up to the party, The Eric Andre Show is on Adult Swim, Fridays at Midnight. Enjoy, and always remember to RANCH IT UP!


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