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Five Times Fashion Went Too Far, from Total Ripoffs to Full Frontal Nudity

Miri Malek August 8, 2017 August 8th, 2017

Welcome to the weird and wacky world of haute couture. As the lines between art, fashion, and performance art are becoming increasingly blurred, we decided to highlight five of the most ‘OMG, WTF?’ moments, on the runway and the red carpet. And we might be throwing a bit of shade, but TBH, we hate to love these envelope-pushing moments.

Moschino Pill Bag

Now I’m wondering whats inside of the bags

Let’s start with Moschino’s capsule collection from last year. They did a riff on pill-popping, and their signature pill bags were apparently a hard one for the public to swallow. Some thought they promoted drug abuse, but most just rolled with the label’s tongue-in-cheek weirdness.

Franc Fernandez Meat Dress

She really doesn’t know what to do with it

Lady’s Gaga’s debuted a custom-made Meat Dress on the red carpet of the 2015 VMAs. It’s iconic. An unforgettable “work of art” by Argentinian designer (chef? butcher?) Franc Fernandez. But the most important moment of the night was when Gaga had to accept her award, and made Cher hold her purse, made of real, raw meat.

Rick Owens D*cks Out

Don’t need to see that

Rick Owens made headlines for his 2015 men’s line runway presentation. People barely talked about the clothes– it was really the lack of coverage that caught everyone’s attention. Many outfits featured just-above-the-bulge cuts or artfully places peepholes to let it all hang out.

Balenciaga IKEA Bag

Can you spot the difference?

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, and Balenciaga really flattered IKEA by copying their iconic blue plastic tote bag. The IKEA bag is a famously convenient accessory for toting around laundry and costs just $0.90. The French luxury house recently ripped off the look to make an equally convenient blue bag– that’ll cost you $2150, by the way.

Chanel Boomerang

It is shiny, though

Luxury powerhouse Chanel seems to have run out of ideas on what pointless object to stick their name on next. So they made a boomerang. It got a lot of criticism from Aboriginal groups, since the boomerang is a traditional tool for the original people of Australia. The boomerangs cost over $2000, and they’re not seeing a cent of that. We’re not sure yet if the boomerang comes back to you when you throw it, but that $2k for sure never will.