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Five Brand New Trailers From NY Comic Con!

Wyatt Otero October 10, 2016 October 10th, 2016

Sitting right here on my desk, I’ve got five brand spankin’ new trailers, freshly premiered out of NY Comic Con. Glancing quickly at the titles, I can tell these things are gonna be following me around for a while. That Power Rangers film they’ve been talking about and…oh wow, new Planet Of The Apes coming (I wonder what Cesar is up to.) Looks like some Marvel in here. John Wick 2, finally. Alright, okay, you win. I’ve got no choice, I better get on this quick.

Careful, they’re still hot.

1. Marvel’s Iron Fist

Netflix has a knack for trailers. Thats for sure.

Iron Fist has been a small center of controversy lately. There’s a lot of talk going on about how the original character is based on a Asian (admittedly ignorant) stereotype, and whether or not that means that an Asian actor should be cast to play the role. For now I’ll skip the debate and let you read about here. The show so far looks pretty awesome, the trailer was super well done, and it covers a lot without giving anything away. The characters feel real, and the action looks great. I even got a little Oldboy vibe. I’m optimistic.

2. Power Rangers

Did you ever grow up with a cartoon you loved? You ever feel extra nostalgic about a show that, after you got older ended up being a little cheesy, but really it doesn’t matter because that connection still exists somewhere within you?

If so…please don’t tell Hollywood.

In other words, this trailer is just another pillaging of a childhood classic (Power Rangers was nuts by the way,) turning nostalgia into cliche origin stories, with cliche special effects, and a cliche trailer. Power Rangers have lost their very strange coolness, and it replaced it with complete banality. Lets move on.

3. John Wick: Chapter Two

Alright, fine. I’ll say it. You got it:

Neo and Morpheus are back.

Except, actually John Wick is back, and I dont think we’re the only ones that have been waiting. Its great to see this cast together; Keanu, Fishburne, Common. Chapter Two certainly looks bigger than the last one, with the location changed to Rome and lots of huge action to match. Here’s to hoping its better also.

4. War For The Planet Of The Apes

I don’t think its ironic that the shortest, simplest, least divulging trailer on the list, is also my favorite.

The remake of the Planet Of The Apes series (which is loosely based on the last three films in the original series, starting with the third film) is one of the most absolutely mesmerizing remake-franchise out there. They take the idea of rebirthing a fan favorite to the next level, pushing cinema, including some of the most incredible special effects that CGI has ever been capable of. The strive for artistic integrity is very clear in this teaser, and if its any indicator of the film to come. Well then, holy moly, we are excited.

5. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

You probably don’t have to watch this whole trailer to understand what’s going on here, but with a film like this, it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Resident Evil….six? Yep. Six. We get the picture; we played the games, we watched the movies. At this point, the people that are gonna watch it are gonna watch it, and the people that aren’t….well, aren’t. There’s not a lot here to change anyones mind. But if you’re a fan of the series, here’s another one. Enjoy it. It’s you’re last.