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We Figured Out Which Pet Is Best for You Depending on Your Astrological Sign

Miri Malek August 4, 2017 August 4th, 2017

We’ve compiled a comprehensive and scientific list of the best pets for you, depending on your birth sign!



Every Aries needs a companion as energetic and unique as they are. With this in mind, the best pet for an Aries is a chinchilla. Hailing from the high and windy Andes mountains, they’re known for their super cuddly fur and short attention span– can you think of a more perfect pet?




The ideal pet for you is certainly a turtle! These are reliable, practical pets that are long-lived if you take good care of them. Being pretty reliable yourself, you surely will.



Boa Constrictor

As a Gemini, you should stay away from the typical cats and dogs– they’ll leave you bored and frustrated. What you need is a boa constrictor! Beautiful and powerful pets, they can also turn around and strangle you at any moment. It’s like looking in the mirror, dear gemini.




Congratulations, your ideal pet is a bearded dragon! As a Cancer, you’re great at connecting with things that most people just don’t understand. A cold-blooded lizard is exactly that. They’re pretty mellow, too, just like you.




Leo, you’re always the center of attention, probably making grandiose statements or even belting out a song to maintain that limelight. Get a parrot already! They’ll copy what you say and throw it back in your face, helping you finally realize that you’re not as cool as you think you are.




The only pet you can handle as a Virgo is a gold fish. You’re way too much of a clean freak for anything with fur, and it turns out reptiles smell weird too. So have fun with your little aquarium, that’s all you get.



Labrador Retriever

You’re pretty chilled out, Libra, and you need a furry companion to keep that equilibrium going. What you need is a golden retriever. You’re always giving unconditional love and loyalty to others and never receiving it. This doggy will fill that void inside of you and love you in return! Fetch, friend!




Just get a pet scorpion. Moving on.



House Plant

You can’t even take care of yourself, who says you can have a pet? We’ll let you have a succulent, but in your care, it will surely end up dead.



Messenger Pigeon

As a Capricorn, you’re ambitious and dependable, but sometimes you’re living in the past. Hailing from the past, a messenger pigeon is your perfect pet! You two will work together to get things done the old fashioned way– who needs iMessage?



Mini Pig

We’re not the first to say that you’re a quirky one, Aquarius. Get the ultimate pet of the cutesy nonconformist, the mini pig. Just make sure they don’t keep growing… and growing…




Pisces, you’re pretty loyal, but it’s usually overshadowed by your high strung attitude. Distract onlookers by getting the only pet that’s more high strung than you are– a tiny, yapping chihuahua! We promise, your roommate will totally love you for that one.