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Fans Are Covering Themselves in Glitter For Star Wars Day

Pocky Chinchilla May 4, 2017 May 4th, 2017 Carrie Fisher with Glitter on her face

I’m wearing body glitter today. Me and tons of other geeks.

As you may know, today, May 4th, is Star Wars Day, May the 4th be with you! (And also with you). But this year is a little different, because people are wearing glitter in honor of the Carrie Fisher, the film’s star, who passed away this past December.

Carrie Fisher as princess Leia

Carrie Fisher, being awesome.

It is known that Fisher had a habit of wearing glitter and painting it onto the faces of fans who asked for her autograph, and even glitter bombing people standing in line. It kind of became her calling card as told in this story by a fan:

I got to meet her one year I was working backstage security at DragonCon here in Atlanta. I was standing around backstage while the room was being filled, checking in on our VIPs when Carrie came in with her crew. I knew one of her guest escorts so I said hi to him. He introduced me to Carrie and I told her how wonderful it was to meet her. She shook my hand and looked intently at my face. Then she pulled out a make-up case and a brush and started brushing something on to the left side of my face. I looked at Fritz, her escort, and he said, “She’s been doing this all day.” Carrie grabbed my chin and turned my face back to her. She then finished COVERING the left side of my face with glitter, cocked her head to take a more critical view of her work, nodded, and went on to her next appearance. She never spoke to me the entire time but beeped my nose as she walked away.

I kept running into other people on the crew that day who had glitter dust on their faces. Everyone just smiled and said, “Oh, you ran in to Carrie, too.”

Super nice lady. She will definitely be missed.

Carrie Fisher glitter blessing a fan.

Carrie Fisher, still being awesome.

Fisher, who was an advocate for mental health and spoke openly about her own diagnosis with bipolar once said that the glitter made her feel sparkly when things were dark.

And so, in her memory, on this Star Wars Day, I got up early, bought a bunch of body glitter, and and joined my other geeky siblings as we doused ourselves in glitter in honor of our princess.

She will be missed.

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