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Family ties between Bernie Sanders and Larry David

Maximilliano Onofre October 19, 2017 October 19th, 2017

During the fourth season premiere of PBS’ Finding Your Roots, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and comedian Larry David found out that their resemblance is more than mere comedic coincidence. As it turns out, the two are in fact related.

With a similar presentation, the two entered their individual interviews without knowledge of what would happen. Host Henry Louis Gates Jr. gave each man a book with photos of a distant cousin. However, he refrained from telling them before they opened the books what was they would find inside.

As soon as he opened it, David exclaimed, “What the hell!” In front of him lay a picture of Sanders.

Sanders also had an emphatic reaction, rocking back in his chair and saying, “You’re kidding!” He was in disbelief saying “That is unbelievable. It’s true?”

We are related?!

Yes, it's true. Watch U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and #LarryDavid find out they are related on tonight's Season 4 premiere of #FindingYourRoots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.Watch the full episode:

Posted by Finding Your Roots on Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Through the 2016 election cycle, David impersonated Sanders. From the wild gestures to the messy white hair, David played Sanders to a tee on SNL. Now, after comparing David and Sanders’ DNA, the hilarious conclusion has come out.  Comparisons of guests’ DNA is done automatically against the show’s previous participants, Gates explained, leading to this discovery.

In the end, Sanders found this entire thing amusing, jokingly stating, “People say to me—they talk about Larry David, and they say he does a better Bernie Sanders than I do.”