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Everything You Ever Loved As A Kid Now Seared Into Your Brain As A Monster

Selin Kilic September 28, 2016 September 28th, 2016

We all know there are adult themes in kids shows, but this artist just took it one step too far. Swedish illustrator and tattoo artist Dennis Carlsson has just turned all your favorite cute cuddly cartoon characters into gory nightmares. These hellish re-imaginings are sure to stomp out all your warm childhood feelings about your beloved stuffed animals and best (animated) friends.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you:



You may be asking yourself: Is that an eyeball in the HUNNY pot? Why yes, yes it is!


Pokemon Go? More like Pokemon NO!! Although, Zombie Pokemon could just be the next big thing.


We’re sincerely hoping that is not Lilo’s foot.


Suddenly I don’t think Tweety has to be worried about Sylvester anymore…


Alas Eeyore does actually have something to be glum about.


Honestly, kind of excited for Mike about this one. He always did want to be scary. Guess dreams do come true for some of these characters transformations.


Looks like Piglet caught the Swine flu.


Could  you imagine a pack of these guys helping an evil boss? World domination would be achieved in no time.


If somebody had told me these pics were gonna haunt me…


At least Tigger is kind of cute-creepy…’kind of’ being the key words here.


Pretty sure this version of Totoro would drop the price of the housing market in an instant. “Hey neighbor…”

If your day hasn’t been ruined yet and you truly enjoy torturing yourself, check out more creepy cartoons on Carlsson’s Instagram.

Source: BoredPanda