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E-Cigarettes Are E-Bad For You

Elizabeth Goldstein June 26, 2017 June 26th, 2017

And not just in the way that they may also give you lung cancer.

E-cigarettes are used often by smokers who want to kick an addiction, or save some money. You have probably seen the perplexingly sweet smelling smoke blowing around from these electronic devices. Maybe you’ve even ripped some dolce gelato flavored vape before.

Turns out they’re good for more than just a nicotine fix with a larger cloud of smoke. Hackers have figured out how to use vape pens to crack into computers and inject malware. There is a small modification hackers can make to the e-cig in order to trick a computer into thinking the vape is actually just a keyboard or a mouse. Then once plugged in, the vape releases some malware into the computer in order to download private files.

Apparently the device is able to hack into a computer even if it is locked. However there will most likely only be minimal damage if this ever happens to you. E-cigarettes are too small to store too much information.

Apparently however this is not a new phenomenon. Back in 2014, there was an alleged security breach at an undisclosed (hmmm..) large corporation. The breach happened by way of an executive’s e-cigarette which was loaded with malware. #execswhovape

Moral of the story is, if somebody asks to charge their e-cigarette in your computer, they are either a) a weirdo vaper trying to convert you to vapelife, or b) trying to steal your information. So yeah, I suppose this is just another excuse to stay away from vape-culture.

We are just wondering if this is a rumor spread by big tobacco to further stigmatize vapers and lure people back into smoking cigarettes… Too paranoid?