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Are Drones Creepy or Cool? Let’s Weigh the Options!

Miri Malek August 21, 2017 August 21st, 2017

Let’s talk about drones. They seem to be popping up ever, multiplying their presence in the sky overhead. And they’re pretty cool, right? You probably have a friend that hooks it up with a gopro and is already taking sick videos. It’s the elephant in the room, or rather, the sky, that drones also kind of suck. Like, are they going to spy on us? Are they already flitting around filming my every move? So what’s the deal? Are drones creepy or cool? We made this easy to use guide that shows both sides of the issue.

You can take totally sick selfies

Forget the selfie stick– fly your iphone or gopro into the air to take some high-altitude selfies. Someone went and called these pics, “dronies.”

But that means people can watch you without your knowledge

Already private eyes are using drones to catch cheating spouses in the act. People are already spying on each other, the government has your data, do you really want another, easier method for your every move to be watched and recorded?

Farmers are using them as the scarecrows of the future!

They’re being used to scare away birds. Hopefully the farmers are drawing scary little faces on them too.

But people have stopped air traffic by using them too close to planes

Do we really need another reason for flight delays?

They’re being used as mobile hotspots

An easy way to fly in wifi to a place without a network.

And to help people find parking spaces

Auto maker Renault has included free drones with its Kwid Concept Car, so that you can fly it up in a full parking lot to spot spaces before someone else does.

Even Martha Stewart likes drones

She wrote a love letter to drone videography called, “Why I Love My Drone.”

As is increasingly the case with our automated future, we’re trading off our privacy for convenience. But hey, I don’t mind the NSA watching my every move if that means Domino’s will be able to fly my pizza through my window