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Drink the Flesh of your Foes at “The Cannibal” Restaurant

Marisa Winckowski June 29, 2017 June 29th, 2017

If a restaurant that called “The Cannibal” sounds appealing to you, then hop over to either the Los Angeles or New York locations to eat an entire roasted pig, snout and all. You’ve eaten ham for decades without any qualms, but this cuisine is strictly for the elite core of meat-eaters with strong stomachs. The Cannibal also provides you with the option to eat an entire lamb.

While¬†this might sound nauseating to many, this is something that people all over the world have done for many years without hesitation. Owner Christian Pappanicholas grew up eating entire pigs and lambs and he opened this restaurant to share this old practice with American city folk. You have to give them a week’s notice if you want a lamb or pig for the table, though.

Another way you can¬†flaunt your carnivorous side is taking the Cannibal’s infamous bone marrow whiskey shot, also known as the bone luge.

Pappanicholas calls it a celebratory “rite of passage” for customers.

The Cannibal also offers dishes that include chicken liver, sweet breads (otherwise known as calf pancreas), and *shudder* lamb hearts.

As a vegetarian, I can’t lie to you and say I would eat here. I don’t even think I could eat here and just order a salad. Just looking at some of these dishes made me a little light-headed.

But I am actually very supportive of a place like this- if you’re going to eat meat, you might as well put every single part of the animal to good use. Don’t waste a perfectly good piece of bone marrow by just giving it to the dog- take a whiskey shot out of it first.