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Dreamworks’ Captain Underpants Reveals Its Cast

Crummy October 4, 2016 October 4th, 2016

We all know what Captain Underpants looks like: the big tighty-whities pulled to his nipples, the flowing red cape/shower curtain billowing in the wind of justice (if ya know what I mean*).

But how does Captain Underpants sound?

Well, now we know because the cast of Dreamworks’ Captain Underpants movie has been revealed, and it is stacked like flapjacks.

Thomas Middleditch and Kevin Hart will (respectively) be taking over the roles of George and Harold, two best friends at Jerome Horwitz Elementary who spend all day drawing a superhero comic of their own creation, Captain Underpants. As a joke one day, the duo hypnotize their mean principal Mr. Krupp (Ed Helms) into believing he’s the real Captain Underpants. But when the hypnotized Mr. Krupp drinks some super juice he finds on a spacecraft (he’d been abducted by aliens, so it makes sense in context), the unwitting alter-ego becomes a genuine superhero.

Several other notable names round out the cast. Nick Kroll will be playing Professor Poopypants, a mad scientist who wants everyone on Earth to have a name as silly as his; Jordan Peele will voice Melvin, a nerd, tattletale, and all around wet towel, as well as George and Harold’s sworn enemy. Kristen Schaal will be playing Edith, though she will reportedly be a lunch lady in the movie, as opposed to the cruel secretary she was in the books.

With something like this, casting is about 90% of the job. These are characters a lot of people grew up with as a children, and they have strong memories associated with who these people were. Fortunately it seems like they nailed it so far. Let’s hope they don’t mess up that last 10%. Don’t you break our hearts, Dreamworks!

*I mean farts, is what I mean.