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Watch: Disney Previews Incredible ‘Avatar’ Park Robots

Wyatt Otero November 21, 2016 November 21st, 2016

Disney’s upcoming live-action amusement park attraction¬†“Pandora: The World of Avatar,” was finally previewed on sunday, with some seriously incredible results.

The installation, which will be housed at the Florida amusement park, will feature characters and design from James Cameron’s “Avatar.” The crazy thing, is that almost of all of the film was originally made of CGI, but Disney is attempting to bring the whole thing to us in realistic, live-action. They will achieve this not through costume, but through audio-animatronics (i.e. robots that can talk.)

And truth be told, you really¬†can’t tell if it’s CGI or not.

If the entire experience plays out as well as the preview, it’s gonna be a great time.

And maybe a little scary also.

Source: Mashable