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Disney's Polynesian Princess Is A Boss Bitch In New MOANA Trailer

Katie Cannon February 10, 2016 February 23rd, 2017

In one gorgeous shot, the latest TV spot for MOANA has the titular Polynesian princess vying for the Olympic spear-fishing title. If the rest of the trailer’s anything to go by, our fierce heroine Moana also has the chops to medal in shade-throwing, world-saving, and epic feats of persuasion.

As Revelist points out, while previous trailers for the film  focused on The Rock’s portrayal of burly demi-god Maui, this preview gives us more insight to Moana’s personality and mysterious aquatic powers.

The trailer shows Moana and Maui entertainingly at odds with each other, as Moana appeals to the demi-god’s ego to enlist his help in saving the world from…something. Outside of the adorable Moana/Maui dynamic, we’re looking forward to finding out more about Mo’s implied ~ocean telepathy~ AND an amazing soundtrack featuring music from the genius behind HAMILTON,  Lin-Manuel Miranda.

This is the first Disney “princess” movie not to involve some kind of romantic storyline; considering Maui’s voiced by a forty-something professional wrestler, whilst Moana’s played by 15-year Auli’i Cravalho, we seriously doubt (and pray) they won’t go there with the main duo. What do you think–could Moana finally be the kickass feminist princess we’ve been pining for?