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Disney And Lazy Oaf Joined Magical Forces And We Are Obsessed

Selin Kilic October 21, 2016 October 21st, 2016

Trust me, when it comes to trying to incorporate my favorite movie and TV characters into my everyday outfits I’m a pro. Wear my hair in pigtail buns and throw on a white top? Yes I am channeling my inner Leia. Is that a shark tooth ring and seashell necklace  you’re accessorizing your purple top and green pants with? You bet I’m repping my home-girl Ariel. But thanks to a Disney x Lazy Oaf collaboration, my adult-homage to my childhood laden closet just got a whole lot cooler.


Lazy Oaf’s founder and head designer Gemma Shiel has always been a Disney fan (OMG me too! Twinsies), and she’s paying a tribute to her animated loves for her brands 15 year anniversary.

The line is split between four iconic characters: Cinderella from her own movie (obviously), Marie from The Aristocats, Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians, and the godfather himself, Mickey Mouse. This is a street-wear collection we can definitely get onboard with.



Check out more of the line HERE.

Source: Allure