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Disgruntled Citizen Tries To Pay City with 2,700 Pennies

Elizabeth Goldstein June 13, 2017 June 13th, 2017

Brian McGonegal poses with his 2,700 pennies in downtown Jackson, Michigan.

Brian McGonegal owed the city of Jackson, Michigan $270 for trash in his yard.  He attempted to pay off his debt with 2,700 pennies, but the Michigan city would not accept his change.

He had actually cleared off most of the trash from his yard on his own, and was denied a second extension to get rid of frozen-down scrap metal. This irritating situation prompted him to get back at his local officials.

So what did the city say was wrong with the pennies? It is money after all… Well, they needed to be in rolls. But of course that would have defeated Mr. McGonegal’s whole goal of seeking revenge in the form tedious counting of change.

Jackson city treasurer rejected the pennies saying “It’s not our job to count his money.” Treasurer Randy Wrozek stated, “[i]t’s not practical, this guy would come in every time at five minutes to five-we close at five-with a big sack full of change. We’re not authorized for overtime down here.”

A bunch of pennies.

But this whole drama is much bigger picture than just his irritation with one fine. McGonegal accused city officials of going overboard with the attempt to paint the picture of Jackson as an “ideal little community.”  McGonegal states, “This city is so full of themselves about, ‘Well, we have to have everything picture perfect and it’s got to look like an ideal little community that we’re going to make you pay…We are not the servants of the city government, the city government is the servant to us.”

Mark White, from the U.S. mint states cities do not have to accept payments in pennies. Apparently this is something that happens again and again among aggravated U.S. citizens. Sorry Brian…

So take note, next time you want to give an eff-you to bureaucracy, the pennies as change idea has already been done! And can be shut down pretty quickly.