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Did Dr Pepper Just Lose His Medical License?

Selin Kilic October 24, 2016 October 24th, 2016

The biggest shock hit the population last night and no, I’m not talking about The Walking Dead season premier. Sparking the greatest debate and controversy 2016 has yet to see, people around the world (via Twitter) are expressing their shock at this outrageously inaccurate restaurant menu:

Seriously, how dare they – SO RUDE:


But then, delving deeper this question was sparked:

Seriously, why are we assuming Dr Pepper is even a man you horrible menu writing person? We can only hope they arrived to that gender conclusion because Dr Pepper was introduced in 1885, and female doctors were few and far between.

And with being called Mr, are we actually just gaining insight from the menu makers on what Dr Peppers actual profession is?

Maybe Dr. Pepper is also Sergeant Pepper and that’s how he got his start as a special forces medical sergeant? That would make sense with the gender question, as female sergeant weren’t officially a ‘thing’ until the 1960’s. Women have to work so much harder just to be recognized as equal to a Mr.

SO MUCH SPECULATION! Why are there so many secrets about Dr (Mr./Sergeant) Pepper? This is what is wrong with keeping trade secrets damn*t!

Although, maybe we’re all wrong and it’s as simple as a family mix up?

Not to get it twisted, the lesser known, less successful STEP brother though….

But all in all, even with this confusion, we know the Ph.D in deliciousness part is accurate: