Let's be blunt

Sometimes all you need after a long day is to just sit back and relax. These movies will do the trick.

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Shadow Zombie

Based on fact and blended with fiction. Kim lives with his dad, sells weed, writes poetry, and snorts painkill...

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Bong of the Dead

1 filmmaker's dream! Over 355 Shots composited by himself! Shot entirely on 1 camera for only $5,000! It took ...

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Miss High Times 2008

Buds, bongs and bikinis rule when ten gorgeous ganja gals head down to Negril for the 2008 Miss HIGH TIMES Pag...

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AKA Tommy Chong

A film exploring the real motivations behind America's "War on Drugs" following Tommy Chong's arrest for the t...

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Los Super

A trio of cape-and-cowl neighborhood vigilantes are called up to the big leagues when an evil businessman want...