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Queer Cinema

LGBTQ perspectives crafted by provocative directors focused on unique and compelling stories from across the globe.

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Love in the Air

The honeymoon phase. The break up. The make up. The happily ever after. Tune in to our favorite romance flicks and watch as everyone chases the ups and downs of love.

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British TV

Binge watch all of your favorite British TV shows and movies in one place.

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Mystery Box

Can’t decide what to watch? We’ll save you the trouble and pick for you.

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Back to Nature

Sometimes you just need to take a moment to unwind and appreciate Mother Nature. Go on a journey with our collection of breathtaking landscapes caught on film.

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Attention all foodies! Whether you’re looking for new recipes or you just want to stare at mouthwatering food for hours, we got you!

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Home Sweet Home

Home Makeovers? Count me in! Binge watch our collection of home renovation shows to live vicariously through these couples finding their dream homes.

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Women We Love

No damsels in distress here. Catch these badass women in action doing what they do best: getting sh*t done.

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Let's be blunt

Sometimes all you need after a long day is to just sit back and relax. These movies will do the trick.

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Shark Week

A collection dedicated to the most feared predator of the sea, showcasing their beauty and refuting harmful misconceptions.