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The Co-creator of Rick and Morty Is Fed Up with His Fans’ Misogynistic Nonsense

Miri Malek September 29, 2017 September 29th, 2017

Rick and Morty is a great show. Whether you’re watching it alone, watching with friends, watching it stoned, or watching it with your parents (maybe, if they’re chill), it’s a funny show for (most) occasions and gatherings. And if you’re up to date in cartoon culture, you might be aware that Rick and Morty fans are some of the most rapidly obsessed with the show. They’ve gone so far as to not only diss, but to terrorize, some of the writers of the show when they’re not happy. And here’s the catch– these fans (read: TROLLS), for some reason, only like to call out and torment the writers who happen to have XX chromosomes.

Sooo tired of this trolling

We’re going to make the grand assumption that these trolls are of the male variety, typing out threats into 4chan and reddit from the safety of their swivel chair, permanently stuck in a state of arrested pre-adolescence, somehow believing chicks have cooties and totally ruin all things fun. These trolls even doxxed two of the female writers on the show– a term meaning publicly and anonymously releasing someone’s address, phone number, and other personally identifying information so other trolls may use it threaten and stalk with greater efficiency. Disgusting, right?

Luckily we’ve got the show’s co-creator, Dan Harmon, in agreeing with us on this point. Because he has a human heart. And two braincells to rub together. So he doesn’t think girls have cooties. Because he’s an adult.

“It’s offensive to me as someone who was born male and white, and still works way harder than them, that there’s some white male [fan out there] trying to further some creepy agenda by ‘protecting’ my work,” Harmon told Entertainment Weekly last week. He gets right to the point, saying, “I think it’s all disgusting.” He even refers to the trolls as “these knobs.”

In conclusion: Hit the road, you knobs, you don’t deserve this show!