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Child Who Made A Messi Plastic Bag Shirt Meets His Hero

Selin Kilic December 14, 2016 December 14th, 2016

Earlier this year, an adorable photo went viral of a young boy in Afghanistan who made a plastic bag into his favorite footballers jersey. The contagiously cute boy, 6-year-old Murtaza Ahmadi, is known in his village as Argentinian and FC Barcelona forward Lionel Messi’s biggest fan!


This sweet kiddo was living in a remote village in the Ghazni province of Afghanistan at the time, and would often play soccer against his formidable rival, a local child known as “Ronaldo’s biggest fan.”


Golden boy Leo Messi, being the wonder he is, was touched by Murtaza’s homemade replica jersey and wanted to do something special. He and Barcelona contacted the Afghan Football Association to arrange a meeting.


And while no date had yet been set up, the idol did send (through UNICEF) a real, signed jersey. Messi even sent several other shirts to Murtaza’s siblings. “I love Messi, and my shirt says Messi loves me,” Murtaza said when he received the present.


In an unfortunate turn of events however, the news spread to the wrong ears, and while most people were happy for this mini rockstar the Taliban was not impressed. They confronted Murtaza’s father about his choice to encourage his little soccer enthusiast to play instead of learn the Qu’ran in an Islamic school. “I sold all my belongings and brought my family out of Afghanistan to save my son’s life as well as the lives of the rest of the family,” he said.


The opportunity to meet the soccer icon appeared bleak after the move. With their hopes very low it seemed that, like the rest of their recent plans, things were falling apart.


But let’s be honest, would I really be writing this if there wasn’t THE HAPPIEST OF ALL ENDINGS to this? Yes, actually, I probably would – but that is not the case here, because GUESS WHAT HAPPENED YESTERDAY?!



I literally cannot contain my excitement for the little fellow!


The meeting, arranged through the UN refugee agency, UNHCR, took place in Doha, Qatar where Barcelona was playing a friendly against Saudi Arabia’s al-Ahli.

And OMG it was the sweetest thing ever to be seen:


Here they are walking hand-in-hand out to the pitch:


My insides are literally melting:


Pretty sure my tiny Grinch heart just grew a million sizes:


He couldn’t take his eye’s off his hero (I mean, I wouldn’t be able to either so no shame in that game). Seriously though, what camera?


They were basically inseparable. Even as the game was about to start. In all honesty I’d try to squeeze in as much one-on-one time with my idol too.

But he eventually had to be escorted off the field. Whoops!




Shockingly, he wasn’t star struck enough to just gape when they asked him to take a team photo:


He played it way cool – here’s the pic:


Everyone online that has even a quarter of a soul was touched. Even non-futbol fans suddenly got things in there eyes.

Happiness For All:



Source: Buzzfeed